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Mobile optimization is standard in SEO

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Google is responding to the trend logically: with the guidance for more and more mobile users, the search engine dramatically increases their benefits. The more the factor of a high-quality mobile version also influences the ranking, the harder it will be for companies on Google without an optimized mobile appearance.

Missing anchor links

If you already have the opportunity to link keywords within your website, then you should do so. Many links but always with the note “to read on, click here.” Such formulations are usually superfluous. It is better if you link relevant anchor text and thus emphasize the relevance of the anchor text.

Miserable back links

That back links SEO Expert Toronto are an important tool to improve their position in the Google ranking, also know most entrepreneurs without SEO knowledge. However, they sometimes think a little in the short term: “mass instead of class” does not work for backlinks, as search engines also consider the quality and relevance of the linking page. Links from spam pages and completely irrelevant link collections can have a negative effect on your ranking. Worse still: Anyone who has got into a mess by working with dubious SEO agencies, expects a lot of effort, the unwanted links in hindsight to get rid of.

Publish bad content

“Content is not always king.” In recent years, some website owners have uploaded entertaining, but mostly irrelevant and quickly produced content. This may lead to search engines classifying the information of the website as irrelevant and devaluing the site accordingly. In the ranking, informative texts with pictures, graphics or videos often perform better than short texts with low information content. Think about it when choosing your content strategy.

Because of King

Essentially, two typical sources of error can be distinguished: Firstly, the hope that a good ranking can easily be obtained by buying back links, cheap content and many keywords is a fallacy. Second, ignorance, as in the case of website titles or the meta description, can lead to significantly fewer visitors landing on their site that is possible.

Which day of the week is optimal for Twitter posts?

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For many tweets, it does not matter on which day of the week you publish them.
With really high-quality tweets in the 95% percentile, it may be worth tweeting on Sunday, Monday or Tuesday, but the bottom line is that it does not make a big difference.

What is the optimal publishing frequency of Twitter posts?

Twitter is still mostly chronologically @seostewart organized. For marketers, this means that the more they publish, the greater the presence and the total click-through-rate.

Marketers with at least 100 followers on Twitter receive an average of 2.5 – 3 clicks per post. But it’s not about publishing something at any price, because that’s not how your brand benefits. However, content on Twitter is always short-lived, and you do not have to be as strict as with other platforms to be sure to publish perfect content.

When is the best time to post on LinkedIn?

Although the average CTR does not change, the 95% percentile has a more declining tendency from 5 pm. Therefore, you should publish your posts on LinkedIn during the general working hours (after all, this is a professional social network). However, place more emphasis on the content than on the time of day.

Which day of the week is best for LinkedIn posts?

From Saturday to Monday, posts do not perform as well as Tuesday through Friday. For who wants to think about work at the weekend? On Mondays, however, many users are probably too busy with the work.

Tuesday and Wednesday are great for posting to LinkedIn. The interest in these days is generally greater, and you can achieve a higher click-through rate.

What is the optimal publication frequency of LinkedIn posts?

As soon as you post more than five times a week (for most companies once a day), the ROI will drop significantly.
For LinkedIn, it is likely that a second or third post on the same day will negatively impact the performance of the first post. That’s because LinkedIn wants to prevent users from receiving too many posts from the same company.
For pages with at least 100 followers, the first two posts per week usually get 2 clicks each. The tenth contribution per week, however, receives only about 0.5 clicks. The maximum effectiveness on LinkedIn is often already exhausted with two posts per week. That’s why we recommend between two and five posts per week to make the most of the network’s potential. After all, you’ve also spent time creating content.

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What role do keywords still play in SEO?

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Most SEO campaigns start with keyword research. That keywords measure the success of SEO measures, lies like things. After all, good rankings on individual keywords and the visitors who come across a page are the goal and the reason for them.

However, with a series of algorithmic updates and changes to in-house services, Google has made it difficult to research and monitor keywords. Also, the targeted optimization of websites to desired keywords is no longer so easy after these updates from the hand.

Focus on keywords again

With the updates Penguin and Panda, Google gave the first impulse to rethinking keywords. Where keyword density and optimized link texts were almost grotesque, a restrained and cautious approach was adopted. Keyword stuffing should be avoided and link texts kept as natural as possible. Content marketing has become the new showcase discipline in SEO. Keywords did not play and play the prominent, overriding role.

With the Hummingbird update, the trend seemed to be confirmed. Semantics and user intent were the buzzwords. The intention of the user should be understood and served with content on the page. The simple scheme of searching for a given number of users (which we know from the Google Keyword Tool) and having that term appear on my page as often as possible to reach those users was history.

That a keyword strategy in 2015 must look #Skype different than a few years ago, is clear. But the central meaning, as the starting point of every SEO campaign, is still up to her. Finally, the, actually not so new, knowledge of the user intention also allows the following conclusion: In the search, each user can formulate his plan only in one or more words. Here we are again at the starting point and end point of every SEO measure.

See new requirements as opportunities

The increasing importance of semantic search challenges SEOs and site operators to understand the different intentions of users better. But that’s also a significant potential. Finally, Google reacts with its updates only to actual circumstances. Users do not just enter things they want to click and buy. They formulate their wishes, questions, thoughts, interests and problems in search terms.

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More traffic through image SEO: Who is the optimization worth?

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With more than 40 percent of all searches, Google integrates images into the results list. Among the most popular “special searches”, the image search is always ranked in the top spots, mostly in front of videos and news. Still, image optimization is still an orphaned field in most SEO departments.

The good news for many page operators: The competition is still sleeping! Whether it is worthwhile for your company to upgrade in image SEO, read here.

It is well known that visitors can win over Google with pictures. How to do that can be read in numerous tutorials, preferably with Martin Missfeldt. That’s why in this article we are less concerned with the techniques of image SEO but show you with examples for which industries the image search offers the greatest potential.

Fashion: Picture galleries must be mannequins

Hardly any industry lives so much on the look of its products as the fashion industry. Anyone ordering a leather jacket online will certainly be interested in the quality of the leather and take note of positive customer comments. Decisive for the purchase, however, is how the jacket looks worn. The click on the image search is not far away.

For fashion shops, this offers the opportunity to present their products directly to people. And not only that: in a fashion shoot, a model is not just wearing an advertised piece of clothing.

Some of the terms may seem inappropriate for the product page, such as “Leather Jacket Winter”. That does not make them less interesting for image search. This is where the idea for a blog post really comes up. A good example of this is provided by OTTO in its blog Two For Fashion.

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SEO : Optimize these 5 parts of your website with keywords

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You should know that about the bounce rate

These include the load time of your website, as well as other technical measures such as awards, which help both users and the search engine to better understand the content of your page. Operators of large sites, such as online shops, learn how to increase the satisfaction of Google users with features such as the Site links Search Box. You’ll also read about the importance of short loading times on the accessibility of your website and that you should not put your patience to the test if you want to keep valuable visitors and rankings.


The days of scalable SEO tactics are already numbered: Google wipes more pages and players from its index with each update, which do not serve the user but especially him. Who has nothing for user-friendliness or still sticking to rigid SEO metrics, flies permanently from page 1, back to the cheap seats. But even without bad intentions, webmasters can lose out on Google if they do not spend enough time thinking about the experience of increasingly demanding users.

SEO sometimes seems to stand for “Something Extremely Obscure”, especially for busy marketers who just do not have time to sit down and fathom everything in detail. There are seemingly endless Google algorithm updates that you need to stay ahead of, to make sure we appear in search results for our keywords, but as marketing experts, we do not always have time with the ever-changing one’s Rules to keep up.

But there is good news! There is a simple rule of thumb that remains a proven technique for SEO success: to optimize your website with relevant and targeted keywords. By optimizing your site, you’ll see results soon, such as improved visitor quality, higher conversion rates and, ultimately, more customers.

Start with a website audit

Once you’ve identified the keywords you want to target, you’ll need to add them to your website. The method I am presenting here is one that you should keep if you add new content to your website in the future, but it is also well suited for a one-time SEO overhaul.

The first step in this process is to identify which pages should focus on which phrases. This is a good time to do a review of your web pages that will also reveal other issues you may have, such as duplicate content (you can learn more about why duplicate content is bad in our SEO video typing series here For your SEO’s and how to fix this. The experts over at Dejan SEO will guide you through the steps to perform your own SEO website audit.) But if you are looking for the quick fix – here is what you can do :

• Export all your website pages to an Excel spreadsheet
• Sort by the most visited pages
• Decide which keyword category each page falls into and add that category to a column next to the page name.
• Add another column to your spreadsheet to supplement more specific keywords that you want to add to this page. Keep in mind that these must be relevant to the content of the page, but should also be terms that your target audience would be looking for.

Once you have completed this process for all your pages – or at least the most important ones, if you have a whole ton of pages – you can switch to your website to start adding keywords.

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