Month: October 2018

Content preferences are heavily dependent on age

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The key to success lies in the right team composition and an appropriate relationship between the creators of different content formats. This ratio depends on the composition of the target group of the respective company or platform. If, for example, Millennial is to be addressed, it is advisable to focus more on video content.

Conversely, if a target group is primarily baby boomers, traditional e-mail and e-book content is still appropriate. In addition, a little bit of video content could be experimented here to find out how big the demand for this type of content is for your target group. Do not forget one thing: we all are getting older. So it may well be that your target audience was not interested in videos two years ago. This may have changed in the meantime.

A breakdown of the above data by age shows that consumers across all age groups want more video-based content from brands and businesses. For other content formats, however, there were significant differences. While only 22% of young consumers value e-mail, baby boomers have 68%. Conversely, 60% of younger respondents are interested in social media images, while baby boomers are only 20%.

That the medium is losing e-mail more and more popular, could be related to the mobile first generation receives a flood of notifications. One message at a time informs them about SMS from friends and family, posts on social networks, news and more. E-mail notifications are comparatively easy to ignore. Compared to today’s increasingly visual and engaging content, it’s easy to understand that simple emails are no longer enough to attract Millennials’ interest.

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