Involve your audience in the process of brand building

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Tweet with Pinterest our audience, inform them about new trends and get feedback. You can periodically check whether your target group perceives you as your strategy has made it: using online tools such as Survey-Monkey, for example. Branding has become an ever-evolving process on the Internet, where your customers communicate and share ongoing experiences and feelings about your brand. You can also publish photos of your customers on your website or request them via social media to generate your content.

Content Marketing: That’s how your brand stays in your memory

Due to the rapidly progressing digitization of products, services and processes, it is even easier for your customers to switch to a competitor: it is just a click away. Only if you sustainably position your brand with your core message will you gain a competitive advantage. In your marketing strategy, define the content with which you want to reach your target group. Try to involve your customers in the communication process and dare to be transparent. This is how you gain trust – and trust is also a high value in the Internet age.

Freedom of information

Ultimately, net neutrality means freedom of information. If neutrality is neglected or abolished, ISPs are able to decide what kind of data consumers are allowed to use at what time, and how much it costs. In a worst-case scenario, there could be a flat rate for emails (sorry, just big telecom companies, no encryption), one for search engines (limited to Google, Bing and Yahoo!), Another for streaming movies (Netflix inclusive, the rest costs extra, films on the weekend anyway, no documentaries). This is, of course, the opposite of the open web and not very customer friendly.

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