More traffic through image SEO: Who is the optimization worth?

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With more than 40 percent of all searches, Google integrates images into the results list. Among the most popular “special searches”, the image search is always ranked in the top spots, mostly in front of videos and news. Still, image optimization is still an orphaned field in most SEO departments.

The good news for many page operators: The competition is still sleeping! Whether it is worthwhile for your company to upgrade in image SEO, read here.

It is well known that visitors can win over Google with pictures. How to do that can be read in numerous tutorials, preferably with Martin Missfeldt. That’s why in this article we are less concerned with the techniques of image SEO but show you with examples for which industries the image search offers the greatest potential.

Fashion: Picture galleries must be mannequins

Hardly any industry lives so much on the look of its products as the fashion industry. Anyone ordering a leather jacket online will certainly be interested in the quality of the leather and take note of positive customer comments. Decisive for the purchase, however, is how the jacket looks worn. The click on the image search is not far away.

For fashion shops, this offers the opportunity to present their products directly to people. And not only that: in a fashion shoot, a model is not just wearing an advertised piece of clothing.

Some of the terms may seem inappropriate for the product page, such as “Leather Jacket Winter”. That does not make them less interesting for image search. This is where the idea for a blog post really comes up. A good example of this is provided by OTTO in its blog Two For Fashion.

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