The Basics and Importance of Keywords

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Keywords are a major piece of the SEO puzzle. Since the first search engines went online over a decade ago during the dawn of the Internet, the crawlers used to locate and categorize pages relied on embedded keywords to deliver the most accurate possible results to the user. Since those early days, search engine technology has improved. Geo-targeted results, suggestive search capabilities and alert features that send new search results directly to an email address are now commonplace. These features enable users to search the Web easier, faster and more accurately than ever before. Sounds great, right? Unfortunately, none of those features guarantee that a specific page will be found in a relevant search. So, how can developers move their site(s) up the rankings? Simply put, keywords are the key.

Getting Started

Before a webmaster or SEO developer can delve further into the complexities of optimization, they must start with the absolute basics. Since the beginning, search engines have heavily relied on keywords when analyzing pages to determine their relevance to a searched term. Over time, search engines have gotten smarter. Sites can now be penalized by search engines for the misuse or overuse of certain keywords. That being said, context is crucial. A wise developer understands that keywords shouldn’t have to be repeated too frequently or senselessly stuffed into a page’s content. Rather than repetition, those developers look toward variety. Using ten keywords once is more effective than using one keyword ten times. It allows for much more specificity in results and minimizes the likelihood of penalization.


Greater specificity is provided by geo-targeted keywords. Local and regional businesses using keywords that narrow down their locations by country, state or even city stand a much better chance of being found online than sites with no definitive geographic identifiers.

Time For A Change

As a company grows, adds more products or services to their repertoire or even restructures their brand entirely, it’s important to reflect those changes by keeping keywords up-to-date. Many companies alter their business model to stay innovative and better their brand, but unless outdated keywords are removed and new ones are added in their place, even a great brand can have minimal visibility in search results and rankings.

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