Which day of the week is optimal for Twitter posts?

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For many tweets, it does not matter on which day of the week you publish them.
With really high-quality tweets in the 95% percentile, it may be worth tweeting on Sunday, Monday or Tuesday, but the bottom line is that it does not make a big difference.

What is the optimal publishing frequency of Twitter posts?

Twitter is still mostly chronologically @seostewart organized. For marketers, this means that the more they publish, the greater the presence and the total click-through-rate.

Marketers with at least 100 followers on Twitter receive an average of 2.5 – 3 clicks per post. But it’s not about publishing something at any price, because that’s not how your brand benefits. However, content on Twitter is always short-lived, and you do not have to be as strict as with other platforms to be sure to publish perfect content.

When is the best time to post on LinkedIn?

Although the average CTR does not change, the 95% percentile has a more declining tendency from 5 pm. Therefore, you should publish your posts on LinkedIn during the general working hours (after all, this is a professional social network). However, place more emphasis on the content than on the time of day.

Which day of the week is best for LinkedIn posts?

From Saturday to Monday, posts do not perform as well as Tuesday through Friday. For who wants to think about work at the weekend? On Mondays, however, many users are probably too busy with the work.

Tuesday and Wednesday are great for posting to LinkedIn. The interest in these days is generally greater, and you can achieve a higher click-through rate.

What is the optimal publication frequency of LinkedIn posts?

As soon as you post more than five times a week (for most companies once a day), the ROI will drop significantly.
For LinkedIn, it is likely that a second or third post on the same day will negatively impact the performance of the first post. That’s because LinkedIn wants to prevent users from receiving too many posts from the same company.
For pages with at least 100 followers, the first two posts per week usually get 2 clicks each. The tenth contribution per week, however, receives only about 0.5 clicks. The maximum effectiveness on LinkedIn is often already exhausted with two posts per week. That’s why we recommend between two and five posts per week to make the most of the network’s potential. After all, you’ve also spent time creating content.

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