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Mobile optimization is standard in SEO

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Google is responding to the trend logically: with the guidance for more and more mobile users, the search engine dramatically increases their benefits. The more the factor of a high-quality mobile version also influences the ranking, the harder it will be for companies on Google without an optimized mobile appearance.

Missing anchor links

If you already have the opportunity to link keywords within your website, then you should do so. Many links but always with the note “to read on, click here.” Such formulations are usually superfluous. It is better if you link relevant anchor text and thus emphasize the relevance of the anchor text.

Miserable back links

That back links SEO Expert Toronto are an important tool to improve their position in the Google ranking, also know most entrepreneurs without SEO knowledge. However, they sometimes think a little in the short term: “mass instead of class” does not work for backlinks, as search engines also consider the quality and relevance of the linking page. Links from spam pages and completely irrelevant link collections can have a negative effect on your ranking. Worse still: Anyone who has got into a mess by working with dubious SEO agencies, expects a lot of effort, the unwanted links in hindsight to get rid of.

Publish bad content

“Content is not always king.” In recent years, some website owners have uploaded entertaining, but mostly irrelevant and quickly produced content. This may lead to search engines classifying the information of the website as irrelevant and devaluing the site accordingly. In the ranking, informative texts with pictures, graphics or videos often perform better than short texts with low information content. Think about it when choosing your content strategy.

Because of King

Essentially, two typical sources of error can be distinguished: Firstly, the hope that a good ranking can easily be obtained by buying back links, cheap content and many keywords is a fallacy. Second, ignorance, as in the case of website titles or the meta description, can lead to significantly fewer visitors landing on their site that is possible.